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Car top signs are very important as it is durable, profitable and economical. It is visible from a distance. It creates an image in the mind of the people. So when they go to the market they can easily select the product of their choice, keeping in mind that image? The car top sign sale has jumped to 17.5% in the last week for Toyota in New York and Detroit. These signs are integral part of a car. These signs help the car owner to earn profit. It also adds to the d├ęcor and the show of the car.The car top signs have many advantages. Firstly, these signs can be used to advertise different products that are available in the market. Secondly, these would help to increase customer awareness. As walking by the street or sitting inside the bus or sitting in the car, these signs may catch the attention of the people who are the buyers of product. Thus, these signs are a unique way of marketing the product. In this way the sale of the product can also be augmented. Thirdly, these signs also help to establish the brand name of a product. The more the people see the advertisement of the product in the car top the more they get familiar with the product. This would inevitably help the company to establish their brand name.Durability is an important factor in manufacturing the signs as the signs are exposed to extreme heat and extreme cold. So while making the signs the weather factor should be kept in mind. Signs with higher durability should be made. Durable polythene is the best material by which it can be made. The use of molded construction is a good option to the make it long lasting.These signs can be used to promote in various forms of business. It can be used in the promotion of pizza delivery. The promotion of the different cuisines offered by restaurants (which are relatively new) can increase the sale of the restaurants. Thus, would help to increase the profit of the organization. These signs are one of the important ways of marketing. This involves very less cost. It is better to say that the benefits surpass the cost incurred in manufacturing the signs.The car top signs should be very skillfully designed as the it should draw the attention of the people. It is suggested to use bright colors as it would help to bring it to the notice of the people. Car top sign is a simple way of advertising products which comes at a very less cost. The website gives you a variety of option which will enable you to select the right company for making you car to signs.